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The spa is ready for local and foreign guests and tourists, ready to offer sport-fitness and training services for sport teams, arrange work-shops, conferences and meetings. There is football stadium next to the complex meeting the UEFA standards. It is an ideal place for sport camps for wrestlers, boxers, weight-lifters, footballers. The staff of the complex has a solid experience to carry out sport-fitness and training events at the highest level.
Additional services: transfer from the Borjomi railway station (included in price).
Transfer from airport – to airport.
The “Olymp” sport-fitness spa is located in one of the oldest resorts in the Transcaucasia – Borjomi. The town is famous for its wonderful nature, rich cultural heritage and remarkable mineral waters. The spa consists of a modern four-storey hotel including a sauna with a pool, cafe-bar, a diner, a conference-room, a universal gym of 28x17 size and 8,5 meters of height. It is provided with central heating, cable TV and internet.
There are 22 rooms in the hotel : 3x2, 3x1, 6x3+1, 5x4, 3 semisuite4s, 2 suites.
The rooms are provided with TV-sets, individual bath-rooms, refrigerators

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