Akhli Shuamta(New Shuamta, XVI c.)
Architectural monuments, Church, Monastery
Khakhuli Shuamta nunnery is located in Kakheti, 10 kilometers from Telavi in Tevavi municipality and is located on the slope of range Tsivgombori. It was founded in 50s of 16th century by the wife of Kakhetian king Levan 2nd (1520-1570) Tinatin gurieli, after the old Shuamta monastery was abandoned. According to the legend Tinatin often dreamed of an old man dressed all in white who was pointing her on one field. When Tinatin went to kakheti to get married with the kind levan with her cortege she had to spend the night near Old Shuamta monastery. In the morning she found that they were exactly on the field that she has dreamed of so often. Tinatin has committed to build a monastery there by her own expenses and as soon as she became queen of Kakheti, she started to build a new Shuamta. Afterwards the queen became a nun and she was buried in the monastery New Shuamta. All of the old buildings in Shuamta were built in the 16th century. The main domed church is built with bricks and facades iare decorated a little. Proportionally the church is high and narrow building and it has a peculiar effect on visitors. The original paintings survived fragmentally in interior, but some of the compositions are completely distinguishable including King Levan, Queen Tinatin and the prince Alexander. The multitude of the expressive colors used in paintings also should be mentioned. Nowadays the nunnery is active.

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