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An adventure in high Caucasus Mountains
Jeep tour, Cultural-educational, Hiking (medium difficulty)
During this tour, you will see two historical, bordering provinces of Georgia – Tusheti and Khevsureti. Both of them are located in high mountains (from 1500 up to 5000 m above sea level) in the east part of the Greater Caucasus Mountains. Due to WWF statement Tusheti is the most unspoiled spot in whole Caucasus eco region. Beautiful landscapes, breathtaking views, local traditions and culture, architectural and monuments of nature and somewhat simple, but tasty cuisine will leave unforgettable and pleasant memories.

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Day 1 -
Transfer from the airport to the hotel in Tbilisi. If there is a time, a short city tour at the evening.
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Day 2 -
After the breakfast, we will drive towards the main village in Tusheti - Omalo. Trip takes 5-6 hours. The road can be divided in two parts: 1st part takes 2-3 hours. We will stop two times to see magnificent Alaverdi Cathedral (XI c.), being one of the highest achievements of Georgian architecture, and second time to have a dinner. 2nd part of the road goes high in mountains, it is only 75 km long, but takes at least two and a half hours. This part of road might be the most picturesque in the whole Caucasus region, and goes through highest drivable mountain pass of the Caucasus Mountains - Abano Pass (2850 m. above sea level). Around 3 p.m we will arrive in Omalo guesthouse. An hour-long break. After resting, we will see two villages of Tusheti – Diklo and Shenaqo. They not only are surrounded by beautiful nature, but also represent a rare example of XIX c. preserved mountain settlements. Returning to the Omalo guesthouse. Have a supper and rest.
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Day 3 -
This day is adventerous, after breakfast we will drive with jeep in one of the main two gorges of Tusheti – Pirikita Alazani. Visiting several villages, which are beautiful combination of their locations in the mountains and architecture. Architectural style is common in Tusheti, but every village represents unique combination of towers, houses and nature. Those villages are: Dartlo, Kvavlo, Dano, Chesho, Parsma, Girevi, Hegho and Chontio. At some point there will be a need of hiking, horses are of course optional during this day. Dartlo, Hegho and Girevi are ‘must see’ destinations in Tusheti. A lunch in nature at midday. Returning to Omalo guesthouse. Supper and rest.
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Day 4 -
We will spend first half of the day seeing touristic destination of Tusheti’s another gorges – Gometsaris Alazani. Stopping in magnificent two villages – Dochu and Tsaro. Despite all you have already seen in these days, Dochu and Tsaro will fascinate you. Driving afterwards another mountainous province of Georgia – Khevsureti. Distance is not too long (230 km), but because of bad roads, it will take at least 4 hours. In the middle of the day we will have a break near Pudznari Church (early XIII c.), being one of the last examples of, so called Georgian Golden Age. Even in ruins, it is beautiful. Dinner in the nature. Arrival in Khevsureti’s main village Shatili. Accommodation in guesthouse. Supper and rest.
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Day 5 -
One can only envy those who are in Shatili and Mutso for the first time. Even after Tusheti, which borders Khevsureti, one cannot imagine such a big difference between those provinces, their architecture is similar, but Tusheti and Khevsureti are complitely. No building of Shatili is a masterpiece, but altogether they make on fortified village with scense of strength and elegance. Looking at Mutso, one might think is it a fortress crowning a high hill or a village. After Mutso launch in the nature. On the way, back visiting one more village Anatori. In late XIX there was an epidemics in Khevsureti, this village became tabooed and diseased people willingly were going there to die in isolation for not to spread disease. Even today skeletons of those people lay on the shelves of the burial houses. Coming back to guesthouse. Supper and rest.
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Day 6 -
This day is the simplest – going back to Tbilisi. Nevertheless, we will stop to see several touristic destinations, such as Ananuri Fortress (XVI-XVII cc.), Svetitskhoveli Cathedral (1029 y.), Jvari Monastery (586-607 yy.) and Samtavro Convent (IV-XI cc.). Last three are listed in UNESCO world heritage list. In the middle of the day launch in nature or dinner in restaurant, by choice. Around 7 p.m. arrival to Tbilisi, accommodation in the hotel.
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Day 7 -
Free day in Tbilisi. You can spend this day as you wish, but our company provides half-day city tour with museums. One can choose whether to participate or not. In addition, we will advise you in any interesting you subject: shopping, sightseeing, souvenirs, restaurant etc.
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Day 8 -
Departure day. After breakfast transfer to the airport.
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