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An adventure around Georgia
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During this tour you will enjoy to see many parts of beautiful country of Georgia. We’ll visit several provinces of the country. You will see architectural monuments, monuments of nature; we’ll go up in high and picturesque Caucasus Mountains; you’ll taste delicious georgian cuisine and of course world famous wines in several wineries. There will be one day for the capital of Georgia - Tbilisi. By choice some from group can visit several museums in Tbilisi and also have short city-tour. During all these days professional guide will tell and show a lot of interesting things.

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Day 1 -
Meeting the guests at the airport and transferring them to the hotel in a little town Borjomi, a picturesque resort in Lesser Caucasus Mountains.
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Day 2 -
After breakfast at the hotel we’ll saunter in Borjomi Park. Then we’ll drive towards tremendous rock-cut cave monastery-town of Vardzia (XII-XIII cc.), consisting 13 floors and more than 6 hundreds of caves. After Vardzia we’ll stop in town Akhaltsikhe where we’ll have a dinner. Then we’ll visit newly restored medieval citadel of Akhaltsikhe, so called Rabat and beautiful museum located inside it. Around 7 p.m. returning to our hotel in Borjomi, free time for evening.
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Day 3 -
After breakfast at the hotel we’ll drive towards Georgia’s old capital Kutaisi. In the way we’ll stop at Ubisa Monastery (IX c.) famous for its frescoes from epoch of byzantine Palaiologos Royal dynasty. Near Kutaisi we’ll see one of the most beautiful caves in whole Caucasus region so called Prometheus Cave (about 2 km. long and beautifully illuminated). Then we’ll have a diner in the restaurant. After dinner we’ll visit one of the most important monasteries in history of Georgia – Geltati Monatery (XII c.) – famous for its architecture, frescoes, mosaics and many medieval artifacts made or preserved here during centuries, also listed in UNESCO world heritage list. Around 7 p.m. going to the hotel in Kutaisi, free time for evening.
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Day 4 -
After breakfast at the hotel we’ll drive town Batumi. Batumi is the main city at the Black Sea coast of Georgia. The city’s architecture is beautiful combination of XIX century and modern architecture. Climate is humid subtropical and town is surrounded with high mountains. This day We’ll visit Batumi Botanical Garden and Gonio Fortress. Botanical Garden was established in late XIX century durig the time when Georgia was part of Russian Empire. This garden was the biggest and best in Russian Empire. Next we’ll drive towards Gonio fortress, which has long (at least from cassical ancient times) history and Greek and Georgian ancient sources claim that here is burried one of the apostles – Matthew. During the day we';; have adinner, and at the evening free time.
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Day 5 -
Free day in Batumi. You can go on beach or shopping or just walking in the beautiful city.
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Day 6 -
After breakfast at the hotel we’ll drive town Svaneti’s capital Mestia. We’ll arrive around 2 p.m. Accommodate, have dinne and a bit of rest. After resting we’ll visit Ethnographical Museum in Mestia where old style svaneti (XVII-XIX cc.) house is kept intact. Then will see Seti St. George church (IX-XI cc.) – here, adorable wall painting from the byzantine period are still intact.
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Day 7 -
After breakfast at the hotel we’ll spent our day to many interesting places around mestia: Chalaadi Glacier, Qoruldi lakes, Mestia Museum and Lenjeri Churches. You will be astonished by magnificent mountains and beautiful lakes. Alos we’ll go at the very beginning of the Chalaadi river which comes from the huge glacier. Near the lakes we’ll have a picnic in the beautiful nature. After monuments of nature we’ll see architectural monuments – the Lenjeri Churches (IX-XIII cc.). One is not expecting to see such a beautiful frescoes inside small and moderate buildings. Because Svaneti never beiing qonquered those frescoes are almost not spoilled at all. At the evening we’ll go back to the guesthouse, have a supper and rest.
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Day 8 -
After breakfast at the hotel we’ll drive towards Ushguli. Ushguli is listed in UNESCO world heritage list because of unique architecture of towers and urban planing and of course many buildings being authentic from the middle ages. This village is located in high mountains (2100-2300 mm.) and is considered as the highest constantly inhabited settlement in the Europe. It is also surrounded with the highest picks of Greater Caucasus Mountains, picks above 5000 meteres. In the way to Ushguli we’ll visit three churches which have preserved a huge collection of medieval gold and silver metal work, but most of all frescoes of edge of XI-XII centuries, during the reign of great King of Georgia David IV the Builder. Frescose where painted by royal painter Theodorus. Those churches are: Ifrari, Nakifari and Kala (Lagurka). In the mid day we’ll have a dinner. At the evening drive back to mastia Guesthouse.
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Day 9 -
After breakfast at the hotel we’ll drive back to Tiblisi. During this day we’ll stop several time: to have adinner or just rest, to visit Joseph Satlin Museum and Uplistsikhe Cave city (2nd milenium BC – XVIII c. AD). At the evnening arriving in the Tbilisi hotel, accommodate and have a supper.
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Day 10 -
After breakfast at the hotel we’ll drive towards mountainous region of Khevi, to the town Stepantsminda (1700 m. above sea level), located in high and picturesque Caucasus Mountains and surrounded by some of its highest peaks. We’ll stop near beautiful village Ananuri where the same name citadel with churches are located. Ananuri complex (XVI-XVII cc.) is one of the last masterpieces of medieval Georgian Architecture. Accommodat in the hotel. After the hotel we’ll visit Gergeti Sameba (XIV c.) church and monastery, located 2000 meters above seas level, overlooking Stepantsminda. One can hardly imagine place more beautiful and powerful to underline religious ascetism and belief. Besides church being great example of medieval Georgian art, Gergeti Sameba for centuries was also a place where one of the biggest holy relics of Georgian Orthodox Church – Cross of St. Nino – was kept Around 7 p.m. arriving in the hotel in the little town Stepantsminda, free time for evening.
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Day 11 -
After breakfast we’ll drive towards city of Mtskheta, capital of ancient gerogian Kingdom Iberia and nowadays mother-city and headquarters of Georgian Orthodox Church. We’ll have dinner in the restaurant in Mtskheta. After dinner we’ll visit three sights: Svetitskhoveli Cathedral (1029 AD), Samtavro Nunnery (IV-XI cc.) and Jvari Monastery. Those are not only the finest examples of Georgian Art, but also the holiest places in whole country. All of them are listed in UNESCO world heritage site. Around 7 p.m. arriving in the hotel in Tbilis , free time for evening.
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Day 12 -
This day we’ll drive towards little town Sighnaghi which is located in georgian province Kakheti, region famous for being birthplace of winemaking in the whole world. Sighnaghi irself is rare example of completely preserved fortified city of XVIII century, beautifully located on top of the hill overlooking Alazani Valley and Greater Caucasus Mountains. Before Sighnaghi we’ll visit Ninotminda Cathedral (VI c.) and Gareji Cave monasteries (VI-XVIII cc.). In Gareji there are preserved one of the best examples of mediveal georgian frescoes and the place itself is beautiful – in the middle of semi-desert you can find cave city like monasteries and breathtaking views. After Sighnaghi we’ll drive towards Mildiani Winery, where you can taste several sorts of wonderful wines. After dinner we’ll go back to Kvareli, accommodate in hotel and rest.
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Day 13 -
We are going back to Tbilisi this day. But the road is beautiful and there are some very interesung places wehere we’ll stop to see them: Nekresi monastery, beiing important because only survived church from IV century in Georgia is in this monastery; Gremi citadel (XVI c.) and magnificent Alaverdi (XI c.), outstanding examples of somewhat distinct variety of allgeorgian art, so called Kakhetian Architecture. Around 7 p.m. we’ll arrive in Tbilisi, transfer to the hotel, free time for evening.
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Day 14 -
Free day in Tbilisi. You can spend this day as you wish, but our company provides half-day city tour with museums. One can choose whether to participate or not. Also we’ll advise you in any interesting you subject: shopping, sightseeing, souvenirs , restaurant etc.
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Day 15 -
Departure day. After breakfast in hotel transfer of the guests to the airport.
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