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Excursion to Shida Kartli ll
Cultural-educational, Architecture
During the tour we will visit the most important tourist sites in Shida Kartli: Samtavisi Cathedral (1030), Tsromi (625-35 years) and Samtsevrisi (VII century I of the Third) Church Hintsvisi (X-XIII cc.). Transport arrives to every point until the end. A professional guide will tell and show a lot of interest.

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Consider the grand Cathedral of the Tsromi, which was built by the ruler of Kartli Stefanos second 625-35 respectively. The architecture of the cathedral is an excellent example of classical Georgian architecture of 5-7-th centuries. Cathedral Tsromi definitely one of the greatest Georgian buildings. Here lie the remains of the first saint of the Holy Georgia Razhden (ave. 457)
12:00 - 12:45
We consider Samtsveri. Cathedral of Samtsveri was built before the Arab invasion. It is one of the great examples of Georgian architecture, and despite its small size, it is decorated with taste and very impressive.
13:30 - 15:00
Considers Kintsvisi monastery. It is the oldest cathedral of the 10th century, but it is almost destroyed. Cathedral of St. Giorgi, with its excellent frescoes to the 13th-century have. Main cathedral of St. Nikoloz built in the golden age of Georgia and decorated at the same time. Frescoes Hintsvisi considered the best among the frescoes saved Georgia. Immediately preserved fresco of Queen Tamar and very famous fresco "Angel Hintsvisi."
15:00 - 17:00
Dinner time. Near the monastery Kintsvisi outside established specially equipped, sheltered tables and chairs, where we can have lunch.
18:00 - 18:30
We consider the Cathedral Samtavisi. The cathedral was built in 1030, it's perfect, as the architecture and decoration of facades, after it was built many churches throughout Georgia by its example. Particularly important is the decoration of the eastern front, where in the opinion of the German historian Daihman, presented St. Cross with a unique grandeur.
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