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3 days wine tour
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It has been archeologically proven, that Georgia is the birthplace of winemaking, some remnants of wine has been found dating as early as VI millennium BC. Even today, there exist more than 5 hundred sorts of vine, a number bigger than in the whole Europe. It has to be mentioned, that Georgian winemaking is distinct from European.
During this tour we will be visiting several vineries and of course some beautiful sightseeing each day.

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Day 1 - Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Chateau Mukhrani.
First part of the day, we will spend in visiting some interesting places in Tbilisi and Mtskheta: old, historical part of the capital, with its beautiful houses and narrow streets: Narikala Castle (III-XVIII cc.), Metekhi (XIII c.), Sioni (V-XVII cc.) and Anchiskhati (VI c.) Churches and of course one of the museums – Historical, Archeological or National Galley. Next is little town Mtskheta. Here holiest churches of Georgia are located: Svetitskhoveli Patriarchal Cathedral (IVc.-1029 y.) in which Monarchs of Georgia were crowned, also burial of royal dynasty of Bagrationi. Then Jvari Monastery (586-607 y.; monastery of the Holly Cross) which stands on the hill overlooking beautiful landscape and also being masterpiece of early, classical era of Georgian Art; our sightseeing will end in Samtavro Convent (IV-XI cc.). All those three monuments of Mtskheta are part of UNESCO world heritage list. Next is Mukhrani winery where we can have a dinner. Chateau Mukhrani can be considered the first truly European style winery in the Caucasus. One of the members of the Royal Dynasty decided to make from Georgian (not only) sorts of vine European wine. He succeeded and those wines received several medals in Europe. Even today all those highest quality wines (Georgian and European tevhnologies) are produced. We can taste all wines of Mukhrani. Staying in Tbilisi.
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Day 2 - Vinery "Khareba" Near Kvareli; Gremi, Alaverdi and Nekresi.
Next two days we will be visiting Kakheti, most prominent winemaking province in Goergia, especially the Alazani Valley. The road is beautiful and there are some very interesting places where we will stop: Nekresi, being important because only survived church from IV century in Georgia is in this monastery; Gremi Citadel (XVI c.) and magnificent Alaverdi Cathedral (XI c.), outstanding examples of somewhat distinct variety of all-Georgian art, so called Kakhetian Architecture. Arriving in the little town Sighnaghi. Next visiting winery Khareba, which has huge wine cellar cut in mountain (about 7 km long) and is beautifully located on the hill overlooking Alazani Valley. Guide will tell you a lot of interesting about Kakhetian wines. We will taste wonderful wines of this winery; also, here we can have a dinner. Staying in Sighnaghi.
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Day 3 - Sighnaghi, Vinery "Pheasants Tears"
Sighnaghi is also located Kakheti. Sighnaghi itself is rare example of completely preserved fortified city of XVIII century, beautifully located on top of the hill overlooking Alazani Valley and Greater Caucasus Mountains. Visiting the museum in which collection of two prominent Georgian painters, Pirosmani and Gudiashvili, are kept. After museum having a dinner in the local vinery ‘Tears of Pheasant’. In this vinery wine is made only from local sort of grapes and by Georgian technology. On the way back, visiting several interesting places: Bodbe Nunnery (IV-XIX cc.) and Castle and Cathedral of Ninotminda (VI c.).
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